Welcome to the Sweeter Side of Yarn

I am over the moon with excitement about the Grand Opening of my new adventure with Candy Shoppe Yarns!

I wanted to share a bit about the inspiration behind my brand as I always find this part fascinating when I hear other business owners share how and why they got started.

In 2015 I began knitting after an extremely long hiatus. I quickly fell head-over-heels in mad, passionate love with this art and began a knitting video podcast in 2016 with my sister, Emily, called Meanwhile, at the Castle. This opened my eyes to the world of hand-dyed yarn. Man, oh, man, was I in trouble now!

I began a love affair with with all the indie dyers, mini skeins, and project bags, and immediately began making and selling my own projects bags on Etsy. After some fun experimentation, I learned how to dye yarn myself, and dreamed of opening my own business selling hand-dyed yarn. I spent a year collecting ideas, planning and preparing, but the only catch was that I didn’t have a clear vision or identity to my creations. What good is a business without a clear vision?

On the morning before Mother’s Day 2018, I was telling my husband that what I really wanted was to have a shop that made people feel like a kid in a candy shop when they entered, and BAM! That was it! Everything fell into place.


I pictured a 1910’s vintage candy shop set on a boardwalk, alongside an amusement park. This vision provides me with a whole host of fun and playful inspiration to create cheerful and bold color combinations.

I have so many fun and creative plans in store for this theme, and I cannot wait to share them all with you. My hope is that you find a lost piece of your childhood as you browse through my images and colorways. Let your imagination conjure up memories, flavors, and dreams as you knit with my yarns.


Much love,